As per my “how I use social media” post, and as per my reflections on Jenny Odell’s insightful critiques of the attention economy, and as per my general sense of nostalgia for the pre-social media internet days of cheezburger-loving cat memes, and as per my desire to write more and write more thoughtfully, I am putting more attention to the blog.

I recognize that I’ll need to work at getting people to read these long-winded-but-hopefully-thoughtful blog posts because folks are still pretty plugged into social media and that’s how they find out about stuff. Moreover, I suspect that some folks may be in a similar state to me, ready to reject the faux technoutopian promises of our social media overlords, and are looking for other ways to engage with this type of content. However, the old tools we used to rely on in those pre-social media days are not always as reliable or even existent (does anyone out there still use an RSS reader?).

But you know what still works, gloriously and simply? Email.

So, at the bottom of this page (and all pages across the blog), you’ll see a way to sign up for blog updates via email. They’ll come to you like a newsletter. Based on my own tests, it’s just a simple email with the entire post, so no need to even click on a link and come to the website (unless you’d like to leave a comment, of course).

And since various countries around the world have various laws about privacy, let me assure you that I won’t collect, store, share, or sell your data. I have no interest in selling anyone’s data; and I do not intend to ever use advertising on this site. I promise — your secret love of reading long-winded blog posts by a second-rate academic is safe with me.

[Queue cheesy used car salesman voice] So sign up today and get these blogs posts delivered straight to your email inbox!