Map of the Buddhist Churches of America

The Buddhist Churches of America is the United States’ oldest and longest-lived Buddhist community, with over sixty temples and fellowship divided into eight different districts in a dozen different states. It’s always hard for me to keep track of where all these communities are, and since I’m a big fan of maps, I decided to put together the following Google map of the BCA and its districts.

View BCA Temples, districts in a larger map

The BCA, of course, has a similar tool on their website, which is great. I’ve tried to include the smaller, branch temples as well, however, and their map lacks district lines. Knowing districts is helpful, to me anyway, in trying to understand the regional differences between different parts of Shin Buddhist America.

I have not included all of the fellowships on this map because it seems as though some of them are located in people’s homes. A full list of BCA communities can be found on their website here.

I’ve never seen a district map of the BCA, and I’m not sure if the BCA has one or if the borders of the eight districts are actually set in stone. So, on this map, I made it up! I’m assuming that the “eastern” district, for examples, covers everything east of the mountain states. Feedback, of course, is most welcome. Just leave a comment below.

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