I am not the new Dalai Lama

I’m resurrecting the blog. My faculty blog (this-a-way) will remain up and will post institute-related news. To the extent that this blog is my personal blog, neither supported nor endorsed by the Institute, the views and opinions expressed are mine. This site has ads because when you hear about people getting their advanced degrees with six figures of debt, yeah, that’s me. I don’t endorse the ads. Blame Google. I can not promise that I will post regularly, that I will be interesting, or that what I’ll say will mean very much, one way or the other. But I am going to try and take some good advice and not take it all too goddamn seriously. For an archive of the first version of this blog, go here.

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  1. Thank you!!! I’ve missed your blog and look forward to reading it agian!

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