See you in Chicago

For those who go to the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion, it’s coming up this weekend in Chicago. The program book is online, searchable, and here’s what’s happening in Buddhist Studies.

I’ll be presenting on Friday during a related meeting, the Dharma Academy of North America. My topic is, once again, media representations of Buddhism. Check it out if you’re in town.

Also, the main Buddhism Section meeting is Sunday morning. It’s worth going to this meeting (not only because the topic looks interesting) but because during the business meeting future topics for the group are discussed. If you’re interested in participating in the ongoing development of Buddhist studies as an academic discipline, this is one way to get your voice heard.

See you in Chicago!

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  1. Jeff Wilson says:

    Unfortunately, I’m getting in to Chicago too late on Friday to attend the session. And I’m the guest speaker at the Midwest Buddhist Temple on Sunday morning, so I won’t be at the Section business meeting. So, I’ll just say good luck and have fun, hope to run into you at another session or in the hall.

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