updated thoughts on social media

So things are going well for the new owner of the bird site, don’t you think?

No? Neither did I. So here’s a quick update to my “how I use social media” post from a couple months back. It’s a quick post because nine days ago I tested positive for covid and am still recovering and sort of sleepy and would rather be doing something else. But just in case the only place you follow me is on Twitter, I wanted to make sure I grabbed your attention so you can start following me somewhere else.

There are going to be a lot (seriously, a lot) of updates coming from me in 2023. So, if nothing else, subscribe to this blog to be kept in the loop. I’ll writing something more substantive about all of that later but, for now, seriously. Covid’s rough, man. Get yourself vaxxed and boosted and wear a damn mask!

Anyway, here’s how I’m currently using social media/where you can find me if you’re so inclined.

1) Twitter: @djbuddha
Basically watching the ship sink. Stuff I post elsewhere cross-posts here. Not deleting my account on the off chance the site is saved.

2) Facebook:
I don’t really use Facebook. If you happen to know my personal email address/we have mutual friends in common you can find me but I hardly ever log in.

3) Instagram: @djbuddha2011
Here I post endless pictures of my cats. And random maps of bike routes as I prepare for the ALC2023.

4) Mastodon: @djbuddha@sfba.social
I really don’t get Mastodon. But I’m willing to give it a go in case it takes off/replaces the bird site.

5) Post: @djbuddha
I really have no idea what the hell Post is. Someone stuck a link online somewhere, I put my name on a waiting list, and I got in? Anyway, haha! The streak of picking up “djbuddha” continues!

6) the blog: you’re looking at it
Seriously. Subscribe to the blog. It’s the easiest and won’t be subject to the whims of an egomaniacal sociopath. Just me and my my whims.

Stay safe out there people.

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