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Now that we’re a month away from the launch of The Book, I imagine I might be posting more on the internets. But it also occurred to me that over the last couple of months I haven’t really been engaging with social media much.

The fact of the matter is that ever since Space Karen took over the Bird Site, I just haven’t been using Twitter very much or at all. Coincidentally, I updated a couple of devices and in the process of setting them up, never logged in to the service. Trying to do all that password recovery is a pain. So I sort of fell out of the habit of checking the site and doomscrolling during my lunch breaks.

And you know what? I haven’t missed it. Haven’t even had withdrawal symptoms.

I had assumed (along with lots of other people apparently) that the pachyderm site would have become my go-to place for lunchtime doomscrolling. But this non-habit of not-checking social media seems to have spread to other services.

With one exception, really. Instagram. Upon reflection, I know the reason why I can’t seem to quit the grams — I only follow a handful of people and most of them are actual friends from real life. So I actually care about what’s being posted there. Moreover, my daughter has become wildly adept at creating hilarious Instagram videos; and even though her account is private, I am invested in keeping tabs on her social media use because, well, you know.

All of which is to say that since for the remainder of 2023 most of my posts on this here site are likely to be some version of “hey I’m doing this speaking gig/podcast/conference/standing-on-a-car-shouting about The Book,” I thought I’d update how I use social media in case you want to follow me and/or re-tweet (or whatever they’re calling it these days) whatever random things I’m doing out here in the real world.

1) Instagram: @djbuddha2011
Believe it or not, this has tended to be my go-to social media platform of late if, for no other reason, than the fact that my daughter keeps sending me videos of dad jokes and trying to rickroll me. (The classics never go out of style.) Most of my posts here are more personal, pictures of family vacations, insanely long bike rides, weird fortune cookie fortunes I get. But a nice break from an an otherwise dreadful reality. I may or may not reply to DMs.

2) Facebook
I decided that since The Book’s coming out soon I’d flood my feed (and yours?) with promo material and that’s pretty much it. I’ve also lifted my embargo on friending anyone who asks to friend me and started friending everyone I know as well as people I’ve only met in passing or people who’s names I’ve only read in books. What the hell? Now y’all are going to hear about how I wrote a book and maybe, over time, you’ll subconsciously think you need the book and, huzzah!, I’ll have made a sale. You’re welcome. I likely will never see your DMs.

3) Mastadon:
So yeah I started this account and I want to believe that it’ll be a good alternative to the Bird Site but I also still don’t really get it and so far have mostly just enjoyed the fact that Picard Tips lives because, seriously, this is the ideal I try to live up to as dean of the Institute. I have responded to some interesting questions/discussion from followers, but mostly I find myself just (re)posting stuff from the blog. (Is there a WordPress plugin for this yet?) Does Mastodon even have DMs?

4) Twitter: @djbuddha
I logged in the other day and found I’d been tagged in a really interesting conversation about Pure Land/Shin Buddhism and Engaged Buddhism. That was nice. But it was the first time in months I’d had any meaningful engagement with the site and don’t imagine that changing much, especially considering how things are going. Follow me if you like. Together we can watch the ship sink while toasting Space Karen.

So that’s that. Once again, the best way to reach me is email (scott at and the best way to keep updated on what’s happening with The Book is to subscribe to this here blog and the best way to find out if I’ve survived my bike ride to LA is Instagram.

See ya ‘round the inter webs.

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