Recordings of book talks

Over the last six months or so, I’ve given several public talks and lectures and whatnot about The Book. The most recent of which was at the Dharma Bum Temple in San Diego. That event was live-streamed on YouTube and video can be found on their channel here.

Back in November, there was a panel discussion about The Making of American Buddhism at the annual AAR meeting in San Antonio, and I managed to get a recording of it. I posted it to the DharmaRealm podcast’s Soundcloud account (hope that’s okay Harry!) since no one’s using that. You can listen here.

If listening to academic talks in the background while you’re doing other work is your thing and you prefer video over audio, it’s also available on my Vimeo channel here (basically I just used the audio recording as the background to a slideshow).

Now a couple of things.  The recording device I used was a little digital recorder I borrowed from Harry and almost forgot entirely about; so I just thumped it down on the table in front of me and hit “record” at the last possible moment before we started the session. As you might imagine, the audio is, therefore, not perfect. The presenters all sound good, you can even hear people in the audience asking questions pretty well; but since it was literally right in front of me, you can also hear me a little too well. If I had better editing skills (and more than like an hour to work on this) I’m sure I could compensate for all that, but I got better things to do!

Second, the fact that I used the DharmaRealm’s Soundcloud account to distribute this may raise some questions among my tens of readers about whether or not we’ll be resurrecting said podcast. So, to forestall those questions: no, we have no immediate plans. (But Harry and I may be subject to peer pressure.)

In case you missed it, there’s also a recording from the “official” book launch way back in May posted on the IBS Vimeo account over here. And don’t forget to check out the book’s page here which has links to upcoming events, podcasts I’ve been on, and other stuff.


  1. Jeff Wilson says:

    Hi Scott, congrats on the continuing success of your book. I don’t recall being informed that the AAR session was being recorded, much less that it might be publicly distributed. I think it would be appropriate to check with the presenters to ensure that they are comfortable with this. For the record I’m fine with it and you have my permission, no worries.

    1. Scott says:

      Thanks Jeff. I did check in with everyone before the AAR, and everyone consented via email. But, of course, consent is not permanent, and I’ll double check to be sure.

      1. Jeff Wilson says:

        Ah, then that’s just a fault in my memory. Thank you for checking then (and double-checking now!).

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